Tesla Hiring in Malaysia Following Launch Approval

Tesla gained approval to launch its electric vehicle (EV) sales in Malaysia last month, and now the U.S. automaker appears to be starting its workforce in the country ahead of launch.

This week, Tesla has shared a number of job listings for roles in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, as can be seen on the company’s career page (via @Daren Yoong).

The jobs range mostly from sales to overall operations, with one position each in both charging and information technology.

The jobs listed include a Recruiter, an IT Desktop Support Technician, a Project Developer for Home Charging, a Delivery Operations Specialist, a Consumer Engagement Manager, an Order Operations Specialist, a Tesla Advisor, an Inside Sales Advisor and a Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager.

The news comes after Tesla has been in talks with leaders of the nearby islands of Indonesia, with the country hoping to woo the U.S. automaker into building cars there. Discussions with officials in the country have taken place for at least the last year or so.

Tesla also sells its EVs in the nearby city-state of Singapore, and it launched the Model Y SUV in the country last September after already selling the Model 3 sedan.