Tesla Owners are Driving 1 Million FSD Beta Miles Per Day

Photo: ColdEnvy

@Elon Musk said that Tesla’s electric vehicles (EVs) drive around one million miles per day using Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta.

The statement came in a Twitter thread discussing the system’s requirement for human interventions, which Musk said the “team is closing the loop” on “very rapidly.”

Musk also noted that Tesla must train the system with simulated serious accidents, since not enough of them occur on the road to gain sufficient data.

Per Tesla’s recent vehicle safety report, the automaker says that its vehicles only encounter one accident for every 3.2 million miles driven while the FSD beta is engaged.

The news comes as Tesla has been rolling out its FSD beta version 11.3.5 to drivers with the software, with the single stack combining highway and Autopilot city driving stacks into one system.

While the system is currently only available in North America, reports earlier this week showed that Tesla may be looking to launch the FSD beta in China, according to a publication in the country.

Tesla’s FSD beta requires drivers to monitor road conditions at all times, with interventions being required when the system can’t correctly process a scenario or does something incorrectly.

While many testers generally report positive reviews of the system, it’s still collecting data, learning and being updated, which is why it remains in beta and still requires driver intervention.