Tesla Cars with FSD Beta: 1 Collision Per 3.2 Million Miles Driven

Scalable FSD and crash data

During Tesla’s 2023 Investor Day, the company shared some details about its next gen vehicle and manufacturing. But we also learned some stats about Full Self-Driving beta.

According to Tesla, FSD beta offers “higher safety”. For the first time, we are learning about collision data with FSD beta.

Tesla vehicles using FSD beta saw 1 collision per 3.2 million miles driven. Compared to the U.S. average of 1 collision within 500,000 miles driven.

As it stands, there are roughly 400,000 customers in Canada and the U.S. with FSD beta purchased.

“In the last 12 months, a Tesla with FSD Beta engaged experienced an airbag-deployed crash about every 3.2 M miles, which is ~5x safer than the most recently available US average of 0.6M miles/police-reported crash,” said Tesla today.