2022.45.14 Tesla Update Includes FSD Beta 11.3.5

dan burkland

After rolling out 2022.45.13 and Full Self-Driving (FSD) beta 11.3.4 yesterday, just hours later Tesla also released 2022.45.14 and FSD beta 11.3.5 to more testers, including cars that do not have ultrasonic sensors.

That’s according to software updates noticed on the @Teslascope fleet.

Moments ago, @Teslascope said another wave of owners are now getting FSD beta 11.3.4. Version 11 of FSD includes a ‘single stack’, simply put, a combination of Tesla’s city and highway Autopilot systems into one.

Check out some first drives with FSD beta 11.3.4 below:

YouTube video

YouTube video