Toyota Offers to Buy Back bZ4X EV After Wheels Falling Off Recall

Toyota is offering a new buyback program and make-good repairs to owners of the bZ4X after a recent recall.

Customers of the Toyota bZ4X are now eligible to have recalled models repaired by Toyota, or to have the automaker buy the electric vehicle (EV) back entirely, according to Automotive News.

The news comes after the Toyota bZ4X was recalled and forced to stop sales weeks after launch due to loosening hub bolts that could cause the wheels to fall off.

Around 260 of the affected Toyota bZ4X units are located in the U.S., and Toyota says it’s still working on a fix for the EVs.

In a statement, Toyota said it realizes “the inconvenience presented by this situation.”

For customers of the bZ4X, Toyota is offering reimbursement on all fuel costs while operating a loaner vehicle and a total credit of $5,000 toward loan and lease payments, or purchase price for those who have paid in full.

Toyota is also extending the bZ4X’s complimentary charging at EVgo stations through the end of 2024, and extending its warranty to cover June 23, when the recall was announced, through an undetermined future date.

Buyers can also resell the EV to Toyota, though the automaker said that “the terms for the repurchase may vary, depending on their state and particular circumstances.”