Toyota Sold Zero bZ4X Electric Vehicles in September

toyota bz4x hero

Toyota joined other automakers in sharing their Q3 production and delivery numbers, but one of the most interesting stats was the fact there were zero bZ4X electric vehicles sold in September. Yes, it’s still a terrible name for a vehicle.

The first Toyota bZ4X reviews hit the web earlier this year in April, when sales officially started. But two months later in June, Toyota recalled 2,700 bZ4X vehicles in Europe and North America, as a defect caused wheels to possibly fall off.

Since the Subaru Solterra EV is essentially a twin of the Toyota bZ4X, it was similarly recalled as well, with 2,600 taken back worldwide.

Toyota’s U.S. sales summary for September 2022 shows “0” on the line for the bZ4X, as the company still grapples with fixing recalled vehicles. Check it out below:bz4x toyota ev zero sales

Toyota said in its recall this year all bZ4X owners to cease driving their EVs, because “after low-mileage use, all of the hub bolts on the wheel can loosen to the point where the wheel can detach from the vehicle.” That’s kind of scary.

In August, Toyota offered owners to buy back their bZ4X electric vehicles due to the wheels falling off issue. The automaker said it realized “the inconvenience presented by this situation.” The company offered reimbursements on gas for loaner vehicles and also a $5,000 credit towards lease and loan payments, or purchase prices for those that paid full in cash.

Despite the black eye of the bZ4X, Toyota Motor North America (TMNA) reported U.S. September 2022 sales of 179,050 vehicles, up 17.1 percent on a volume and daily selling rate (DSR) basis versus the same month last year.

Toyota said Q3 electrified vehicle sales totaled 111,713, or 21.2 percent of total year-to-date sales.

Overall, in Q3 2022, TMNA reported U.S. sales of 526,017 vehicles, a decline of 7.1 percent on a volume and DSR basis.