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Tesla Launches Model Y RWD in Europe; Price Undercuts Model 3 in France

European customers can now purchase a new, entry-level Model Y configuration along with the Long-Range and Performance variants. Tesla has made a rear-wheel-drive configuration of its Model Y available in Europe, as seen on the automaker’s website this week (via @ModelYOwnerDACH). The Model Y is rated for 445km (~276 miles) from the Worldwide Harmonised Light-Duty […]

Tesla Reduces Model Y Delivery Wait Times by 50% in China

Electric vehicles (EVs) from Tesla are in extremely high demand, but a new update from the automaker’s Chinese production facility shows that wait times for its signature electric SUV have dropped in recent weeks. Tesla said it has cut down waiting times for Model Y units to range from four to eight weeks, according to […]
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Fremont Tesla Model Y Gets New Door Panels, Matrix Headlights on Long Range

Model Y units manufactured at Tesla’s Fremont Factory in the U.S. now come with an updated interior trim (via Reddit). The new interior on Fremont-made Model Ys replaces white faux leather with alcantara, a suede-like material, adds carpeting to the door bins, and features new wood panels along the front driver and passenger doors, matching […]

Unmarked Tesla Model Y Police Cruiser Hits Mukilteo, Washington

The Mukilteo, Washington Police Department has just received its first Tesla Model Y police cruiser, marking its fourth Tesla overall, according to a report from Herald Net shared on Wednesday. In addition to the Model Y police cruiser, the department has already been operating two other Model Y units and one Model 3 unit for […]

First Tesla Model Y Customer Deliveries Have Arrived in Australia

The Tesla Model 3 was Australia’s best-selling electric vehicle (EV) heading into the year, but the country has also awaited the automaker’s electric SUV for years — and now it’s finally starting to arrive. Tesla’s first Model Y units set to be delivered to customers have arrived in Australia, as confirmed by the vehicles’ VIN […]

Tesla Model Y 4680 Battery Cell Weighs 355 Grams

Sandy “Teardown Titan” Munro and his team at Munro & Associates have finally succeeded in extracting a 4680 battery cell from the structural battery pack of the Tesla Model Y they have been tearing down for roughly the past month now. The folks over at Munro Live shared an image on Twitter announcing the arrival […]

Tesla Model Y Comparison: Texas 4680 vs. Fremont [VIDEO]

Tesla’s newest Gigafactory in Austin, Texas, started delivering cars in April. The plant began production with the Tesla Model Y Standard Range with the company’s new 4680 cell-based structural battery pack. In a recent video, The Kilowatts compared a Giga Texas-made Model Y against a Model Y Long Range with 2170 battery cells from Tesla’s […]

Florida City Adds 13 Tesla Model Y Vehicles to Police Fleet

The City of Hallandale Beach in Florida recently purchased 13 new Tesla Model Y cars for its police department — reports WSVN 7News. Of the 13 new electric vehicles (EVs), the Hallandale Police Department will use one as a patrol vehicle while the remaining 12 will be used by detectives. “With this purchase, we’re taking […]