Here are More Tesla Model 3 “Ludicrous” Pics, Including Seats and Dash

Model 3 ludicrous leak 2 jpg

We previously saw pictures and video of Tesla’s upcoming new Model 3 Performance, known as “Ludicrous”. Tesla was holding a media event for select automotive reviewers to check out the car, and it’s expected an announcement will be coming soon (likely by the time Tesla has its Q1 earnings call on April 23).

We now have some more leaked pictures of the Model 3 “Ludicrous”, which was parked out in public at a Tesla showroom in Malibu, California.

According to pictures shared by u/JukeSkywacker, we see the new Model 3 “Ludicrous” in gorgeous Ultra Red. We see the new rear spoiler, plus new wheels, and front lip. The car looks quite low profile.

Model 3 ludicrous leak 3 jpg

We also see some pictures share of the interior dash, now with a carbon fibre strip, instead of fake wood and grey fabric as seen before:

Model 3 ludicrous leak 4 jpg

Here are the new seats in the Model 3 “Ludicrous”, which have the badging, new headrests and also some very supportive sides. The seats look to be ventilated:

Model 3 ludicrous leak 5 jpg

“I wasn’t given exact numbers, but I was told that it will be wayyy faster than the current Model 3 Performance,” said u/JukeSkywacker. “I also can confirm that there is carbon fiber on the dash in place of the gray fabric strip seen in the refreshed [Standard Range] and [Long Range], but the carbon fiber strip is much more flush with the dash.”

We don’t see any evidence of a front bumper cam like what’s available on the new Cybertruck. There are no fog lights on this Model 3. We see a black interior but there was also a version with a white interior as well.

When will Tesla unveil the Model 3 “Ludicrous”? Expect it to happen sometime this month, given how media were give the opportunity to drive and film the car.