Tesla Model 3 ‘Ludicrous’ Spotted at Rumored Media Test Event

model 3 ludicrous malibu

Image via Boo (@BooDev) on X

Tesla has been teasing the release of its new Model 3 Performance, also known as “Ludicrous” (based on its rear badging seen in the wild), and now it seems we’re getting super close to the official unveil.

That’s according to photos and videos shared on the web on Monday, with the Model 3 “Ludicrous” seen at the Tesla location in Malibu, California. Tesla head designer Franz von Holzhausen was in attendance, as confirmed by his matte black-wrapped Cybertruck parked in the lot, with his custom license plate “CYBRTRK”.

What we see is the Model 3 “Ludicrous in a gorgeous Ultra Red, as shared by user Boo (@BooDev) on X. “Another M3 ludicrous in Malibu, Showroom here is doing a private event, heard 0-60 is 2.9s. Franz CT here too,” said Boo.

We see some front images of the new Model 3 Ludicrous that has a new lower front fascia, plus vents in the side front bumper compared to the Long Range Model 3.

From the side, we see new rims and also a rear spoiler. The back shows the “Ludicrous” badge. This car has plates from Texas (suggesting Giga Texas origins?):

model 3 ludicrous rear malibu

model 3 ludicrous side malibu

Here is a short video of the Model 3 “Ludicrous” rolling out of the parking lot:

Here are some more videos of this gorgeous Model 3 “Ludicrous” as well:

Reports are saying that major car reviewers, including MKBHD and Jason Cammisa (they both had first exclusives for the Cybertruck review) and other major auto journalists were spotted at the Malibu event, according to @SawyerMerritt.

These auto journalists likely still need to edit and upload their videos—could we see a new Model 3 “Ludicrous” to kick off Q2 sales this week?