Tesla Model 3 ‘Ludicrous’ Details Leak After Break-In, Trespassing

Model 3 ‘Ludicrous’ Concept

Information about Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 “Ludicrous” has leaked following an unauthorized entry into a Tesla storage yard in Florida.

The leaked details reveal several new features of the upcoming model, including “Ludicrous” badging, an innovative Auto Shift Drive and Reverse functionality, a potential Adaptive Suspension, and an “Insane” acceleration option. The model is also referenced by its codename “Poppyseed.”

The Auto Shift feature notably enhances the vehicle’s automation by allowing it to shift between Drive and Reverse without manual input, extending beyond its initial capability of shifting out of Park only. Additionally, the vehicle’s interface has been updated, with the “Steering & Pedals” menu now labeled “Dynamics,” and the introduction of “Chill,” “Sport,” and “Insane” acceleration modes, alongside a new ‘Drive Instructions’ link.

Tesla currently only sells a RWD and Long Range version of its new Model 3. The Performance version, said to be called ‘Ludicrous’ based on the badge leaks, has yet to be announced.

The discovery was made when two individuals were alleged to have illegally entered a Tesla storage facility, removed a vehicle cover to inspect the car, and found a key card left inside. This act of trespass resulted in the car’s screen displaying the name of a Tesla Test Engineer, indicating the vehicle’s involvement in testing or ADAS-related activities.

@Teslascope, commenting on the incident, stated, “The vehicle was located in a storage yard, which is often where vehicles relating to testing and ADAS can be stored for overflow. You have to jump a fence/trespass to enter. The vehicle was left unlocked, but required removing the cover.”

This break-in has sparked a discussion on the security of testing vehicles and the ethics of leaking information. Despite efforts by Tesla to remove photos and videos of the leaked details on X, they continue to circulate on platforms such as Reddit. We won’t be sharing the photos here but you can see them on Reddit still.