Tesla Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’ Spotted in Spain [VIDEO]

Model 3 ludicrous

In Valencia, Spain, on February 25, 2024, a new variant of the Tesla Model 3, notably the highly-anticipated Performance version, was seen with “Ludicrous” badging.

The Model 3 was captured on video during a marketing shoot, as reported by Desmond Wisley on X. The video, shared under Wisley’s handle @dessiewisley, suggests that Tesla is gearing up for a promotional push of this yet-to-be-released model. Wisley commented on the filming crew’s displeasure towards his recording, stating, “they didn’t like me filming,” and confirmed, “for real doing an advert today.”

The Ludicrous-badged Model 3 showcases several distinct features compared to the Long Range version, signaling performance-oriented upgrades. Among the visible differences are performance seats, uniquely designed wheels with aero caps, red brake calipers indicative of enhanced braking capabilities, a front splitter for improved aerodynamics, a lowered suspension, and a rear spoiler.

The presence of the “Ludicrous” badge, historically reserved as an in-car mode for the highest-performing legacy Tesla Model S and X, suggests a significant performance leap over existing Model 3 variants. This badge has been synonymous with Tesla’s commitment to pushing the limits of electric vehicle acceleration and overall performance.

As of now, Tesla has not released official statements regarding the specifications, release date, or pricing of this Ludicrous-badged Model 3 variant. The company has confirmed that the Performance version of the Model 3 is coming soon. The sighting in Valencia, along with the associated filming activities, hints at an imminent announcement or marketing campaign by the electric vehicle manufacturer to showcase this new model’s capabilities and features.