Tesla Confirms 2024 Model 3 Performance Coming

Tesla model 3 highland china

Tesla is set to launch a new and improved version of its Tesla Model 3 Performance variant in early 2024, as confirmed with CarSales.

Daniel Ho, Tesla’s Australian chief engineer, who is also Director, Vehicle Programs and New Product Introduction (NPI) at the company, noted details of the upcoming Model 3 Performance (‘Highland’).

The highly anticipated EV is slated to offer a host of surprises, standing out as a high-speed alternative to the existing Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive and Long Range models. Priced from $61,900 AUD and $71,900 AUD respectively, these models are already making waves in the market.

The 2024 Model 3 Performance aims to enhance the original version, which first made a global impact in 2017 and arrived in Australia in 2019. At that time, Tesla acknowledged leaving some potential untapped due to production challenges. The upcoming model intends to fulfill this unrealized potential, focusing on the desires of driving enthusiasts.

Expectations are high for improvements in straight-line performance, surpassing the previous Model 3 Performance’s 3.3-second sprint to 100km/h. Tesla hints at substantial hardware and software updates, including larger brakes and potentially upgraded tyres for enhanced performance. While a wider track remains speculative, a more aggressive body kit, interior design refinements, and trim upgrades are likely.

Significant software advancements are also anticipated, building on the previously introduced Track mode for the Model 3 Performance. Tesla’s complete control over software development promises ongoing updates and major enhancements, offering a dynamic driving experience.

In naming, Tesla has opted for simplicity, choosing to retain the ‘Performance’ moniker over alternatives like ‘Plaid’ or ‘Ludicrous’, emphasizing a straightforward approach to delivering top-tier performance and innovation in its latest Model 3 variant. We previously saw signs a Performance version of the new Model was coming and now we have confirmation. 2024 is going to be exciting, folks. Get your wallet ready.