Tesla Model 3 Performance with ‘Ludicrous’ Might Be Coming

model 3 highland performance

Earlier today we shared a post on X about whether Tesla was working on a new Model 3 Performance and now we have more details.

Tesla’s Parts Catalog has revealed that the company is developing a Performance version of its new Model 3 sedan. Contrary to expectations of a Plaid-badged Model 3, the new variant appears to sport a Ludicrous Speed badge, which is a level below Plaid in Tesla’s performance hierarchy. The upgraded Model 3 is likely to feature a dual-motor configuration rather than a tri-motor setup, according to @klwtts.

Images also show how to replace the carbon fibre spoiler on this new Model 3 Performance.

Model 3 performance rims

Further details about the Performance Model 3 were hinted at in the Collision Repair Manual. The manual leaked information about the rims for the Model 3 variant, codenamed “Highland.” The rims, named “Warp,” will be available in sizes 19″ and 20″ and will come in a color coded as Incognito (NEU-285E), as spotted by @teslanewswire.

Tesla hasn’t made any announcements about a new Model 3 Performance, but given manuals have been updated, we might hear about it soon to further ramp up sales for the final quarter of the year.