New Tesla Model 3 Wins 2024 ‘EV of the Year’ Award

The new and upgraded Tesla Model 3 has won an electric vehicle of the year award for 2024. The car received the award at an event organized by the Vereniging Zakelijke Rijders, in collaboration with Eneco eMobility, LeasePlan, AD, and AutoWeek, with the latter part of Belgium-based DPG Media.

Despite the Tesla Model 3’s continued presence in the market, it outperformed the competition to emerge as the overall winner of this year’s contest. The Mercedes-Benz EQE, last year’s winner, also secured a place on the podium as the top choice in the premium segment. The Opel Corsa Electric was awarded the top spot in the mid-range segment, dominated by Stellantis, with the Tesla Model 3 taking the lead in the high-end segment and being named the overall winner.

In the “High Segment” category, the new Model 3 was the overall winner, followed by the BMW i4 in second place and Model Y in third.

The awards highlight vehicles that have not only been in the market but have demonstrated exceptional value, driving capabilities, and overall performance. Notably, no newcomers for 2023 managed to secure a podium position, underlining the enduring appeal and quality of the winning models.

The Volvo EX30 was heralded as the “Promise of 2024,” recognized for its anticipated superior driving capabilities despite lacking sufficient data for a full evaluation.

Winners in each segment were determined based on criteria including range, charging speed, availability, sales figures, towing capacity, price, ease of use, driving characteristics, and lease rates, with the jury giving different weights to these factors. Driving characteristics, for example, were considered more crucial than towing capacity in the final assessment.