Tesla Raises Model 3 Prices in Europe Due to Tariffs

Tesla has increased the prices of all Model 3 trims by €1,500 in several European countries, including Germany, Spain, Poland, and the Netherlands. The new pricing structure is as follows:

  • Model 3: €42,490 (up from €40,990)
  • Model 3 Long Range (LR): €51,490 (up from €49,990)
  • Model 3 Performance (Pf): €58,490 (up from €56,990)

In mid-June, Tesla had indicated on its website that prices were likely to rise from July 1, 2024, due to anticipated tariffs on Model 3 vehicles. Reports have confirmed similar price increases in Italy, where the Model 3 RWD price rose from €40,490 to €41,990, and the Model 3 LR increased from €47,990 to €49,490. The Model Y RWD in Italy is now only €700 more expensive than the Model 3 RWD, noted many on Reddit.

In Portugal, the Model 3 prices have also risen, and home charger cables, previously included, now cost an additional €200. These price adjustments are attributed to import taxes on cars produced at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai factory and exported to Europe. This information had been widely disseminated on Tesla’s website and via email to customers.

Notably, the Model Y prices remain unaffected as they are manufactured at Tesla’s Giga Berlin facility in Germany. In contrast to the price hikes in Europe, Tesla has reduced prices in Israel by 10%.