Model 3

Tesla Execs to Chat About New Model 3 on March 7 Livestream

Want to know more about Tesla’s newest “reengineered” Model 3? Well you’ll get to hear about this car right from the source, as the company’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen, and VP of Vehicle Engineering, Lars Moravy, will be talking about the new car on March 7 at 2pm PDT. Tesla announced on Tuesday this […]

Tesla Wraps for Model 3/Y, Cybertruck Now at Austin South Collision

Tesla has expanded its locations where customers can have factory wraps done for the Model 3, Model Y and Cybertruck. “Wraps for Model 3/Y & @Cybertruck now available at our Austin South Collision location,” said Tesla on Monday. This location is found at 6320 E Stassney Lane (Building 4) in Austin, Texas. Customers can order […]

Jay Leno’s Garage Reviews 2024 Tesla Model 3

Car buff Jay Leno has gone hands-on with Tesla’s reengineered Model 3, reviewing the car alongside the company’s head engineer, Lars Moravy, and head designer, Franz von Holzhausen. These executives previously joined Leno in the latter’s hands-on with Cybertruck. The executives detail the new changes in the new Model 3, including its exterior design update […]

Tesla Launches Spring Incentives in China for Model 3/Y

Tesla has announced a series of limited-time incentives on Weibo for customers purchasing Model 3 and Model Y vehicles before the end of March from existing inventory, with potential savings of up to ¥34,600 ($4,807 USD). The promotions include an insurance subsidy for the rear-wheel-drive versions of Model 3 and Model Y, offering benefits worth […]

Tesla Model 3 Performance ‘Ludicrous’ Spotted in Spain [VIDEO]

In Valencia, Spain, on February 25, 2024, a new variant of the Tesla Model 3, notably the highly-anticipated Performance version, was seen with “Ludicrous” badging. The Model 3 was captured on video during a marketing shoot, as reported by Desmond Wisley on X. The video, shared under Wisley’s handle @dessiewisley, suggests that Tesla is gearing […]

Tesla Now Describes the New Model 3 as ‘Reengineered’

Tesla updated its website this week to now call the new Model 3 “reengineered”. The latest electric sedan from Tesla is still listed as available from $329 per month on a lease. The automaker’s description of the new Model 3 has previously used the term “upgraded”, but we are now seeing “reengineered” on the Model […]

Tesla Increases Price of Model 3 Long Range in the U.S.

Tesla has increased the price of the Model 3 in the U.S., yet again. The Model 3 Long Range saw a tiny price bump of $500, increasing from $46,990 to $47,490. This is the second price increase in February alone for the Model 3 Long Range. On February 4, Tesla increased the price by $1,000 […]

St. Helena Police Department EV Fleet Includes Tesla Model 3

The St. Helena Police Department is pioneering an eco-friendly initiative in Napa County by integrating electric and hybrid vehicles into its fleet, marking a significant step towards reducing its carbon footprint. This move positions the department as the first law enforcement agency in the county to shift away from traditional internal combustion engines. The updated […]

Tesla Details Upgraded Model 3 Features in New Video

Tesla has released a new video (2 minutes and 40 seconds) detailing the new features in the upgraded Model 3, with executives such as chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and more explaining the changes. The company took away the ‘baby fat’ from the front end, noting how there are now slimmer headlights and the puffy […]

Tesla Increases Price of Model 3 Long Range in the U.S.

Tesla has increased the price of its new Model 3 in the United States (via @Tslachan). On Sunday, Tesla hiked the price of the Long Range AWD version by $1,000, taking the total before incentives to $46,990 (was $45,990). The price of the RWD Model 3 remains at $38,990 USD. Tesla debuted its upgraded Model […]

2024 Tesla Model 3 Reviewed by MKBHD

The 2024 Tesla Model 3 refresh, dubbed the “perfect starter EV,” has been making waves in the automotive world, according to a detailed review by tech reviewer Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) on his car review channel, Auto Focus. The refreshed Model 3, often referred to as “Highland” by enthusiasts, although not officially named so, brings several […]

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance Pegged for Q2 in China: Report

Tesla is set to expand its Model 3 lineup in China with the upcoming launch of the highly anticipated Performance version. The new Tesla Model 3 Performance is expected to hit the Chinese market in the second quarter, with a projected price around RMB 400,000 yuan ($55,730), as reported by local automotive media outlet Dongchedi […]

Tesla Model 3 Performance Imagined in Gorgeous Renders

On Monday, January 22, Tesla enthusiast Dominic (@CYBRTRK420), unveiled his personal renders of the anticipated Tesla Model 3 Performance/Ludicrous edition on X. This reveal follows the recent circulation of spy shots by @klwtts, which has sparked increased interest in the upcoming model. Check out video of the Model 3 Performance covered by spotted yesterday by […]

Upgraded Tesla Model 3 U.S. Owners’s Manual Now Available

Tesla has released its upgraded Model 3 owner’s manual for North America, after the company recently launched sales in Canada and the U.S. The new Model 3 manual says it’s for 2024 and also for software version 2023.44.30. You can see every feature of the new car in more detail that what’s available on Tesla’s […]

Tesla Model 3 Glass Roof Saves Family from Falling Tree

In what can be described as a stroke of miraculous luck combined with safety engineering, a family’s Monday holiday turned into a harrowing tale of survival when a massive eucalyptus tree, along with a light post, came crashing down on their Tesla on 19th Avenue in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The family, who […]