Jay Leno’s Garage Reviews 2024 Tesla Model 3

model 3 jay leno

Car buff Jay Leno has gone hands-on with Tesla’s reengineered Model 3, reviewing the car alongside the company’s head engineer, Lars Moravy, and head designer, Franz von Holzhausen. These executives previously joined Leno in the latter’s hands-on with Cybertruck.

The executives detail the new changes in the new Model 3, including its exterior design update for the front and rear, along with interior upgrades. The drag coefficient in the new Model 3 is now the lowest of any current Tesla vehicle, resulting in improved efficiency.

Check out the full video below and watch Leno take the Model 3 on a test drive. Jay compares the new Model 3 as a smaller version of his Model S Plaid, while noting the car doesn’t skimp on quality. Interestingly enough, Leno isn’t wearing a seat belt during part of the drive but has it back on later.

Jay says the most impressive thing is the Model 3 is under $40,000 USD and feels like a great car.

“Let me know when the Roadster is going to be done, it’s been five years,” said Leno.

Check out the video below it’s coming in at under 40 minutes:

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