Tesla Details Upgraded Model 3 Features in New Video

Tesla has released a new video (2 minutes and 40 seconds) detailing the new features in the upgraded Model 3, with executives such as chief designer Franz von Holzhausen and more explaining the changes.

The company took away the ‘baby fat’ from the front end, noting how there are now slimmer headlights and the puffy cheeks are now gone, saying the new front design is like a “refined athlete. As for the rear taillights, they are out wide and are part of the tailgate.

A new ramp on the front part of the hood near the glass deflects air over the windscreen to allow for a quieter experience at high and low speeds.

The interior has a new simple wraparound feel with new LED lighting all the way to the rear seats. The new rear display allows passengers to control the climate and even the front seats to give themselves more legroom. Ventilated front seats are now available.

There are two new colours Ultra Red and Stealth Gray, while the interior is also more quiet. As for safety, there’s a reinforced door latch and striker for catching any side impacts.

“It really feels like a new car,” says Tesla, summarizing the Model 3 improvements. Check out the video below: