2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance for Europe is Coming Soon

Model 3 performance new

Tesla some updates coming for the new Model 3 Performance for the European market, as disclosed by Julien (@eivissacopter) on X.

The update reveals more about the Performance version new Model 3, notably labeled as the “M3H Performance” by Tesla, with no mention of “Ludicrous” as seen on badging in the U.S.

The upgraded European Model 3, specifically the Performance variant, includes an optional tow hitch supporting up to 525kg and slight adjustments to its dimensions, being 9mm lower and 4mm longer.

Key specifications of the European 2024 Model 3 Performance include:

  • Weight of 1854 kg (4087 lbs) without the driver.
  • A battery pack utilizing LG’s 5L NMC technology with a 79kWh capacity, supporting a power limit of 415kW.
  • Enhanced motor configurations (3D3A / 4D2A) delivering up to 461kW power and 688Nm torque.
  • A WLTP range of 528km on a single charge, with a maximum speed of 261km/h.
  • The vehicle comes standard with Pirelli PZERO tires, offering a choice between 20-inch and optional 19-inch sizes.

Comparatively, the “Ludicrous” variant is slightly heavier than its 2023 predecessor, but benefits from a more powerful rear motor and wider rear tires. However, it experiences a marginal decrease in torque and WLTP range.

Anticipated differences for the U.S. market include a Panasonic 3L NCA 82kWh battery, increasing the power limit to 435kW and adding 20kg to the vehicle’s mass due to the heavier battery. The estimated EPA range stands at 304 miles.

Notably, the 2023 Model 3 Performance was rated at 547km under WLTP standards, the same as the 2024 Model 3 Long Range. However, Tesla plans to advertise a slightly reduced range of 528km, suggesting potential future battery pack variations aimed at different market segments.