Tesla Updates Model S, X, Y Ranges in US, Canada After Testing Changes

model s x y ultra red

Tesla has updated the range estimates for its Model S, Model X, and Model Y vehicles in the United States and Canada, with changes attributed to modifications in testing methods.

United States Changes Below (via @SawyerMerritt):

  • Model X Long Range: Now 335 miles, down from 348 miles.
  • Model X Plaid: Reduced to 326 miles from 333 miles.
  • Model S Long Range: Remains at 405 miles.
  • Model S Plaid: Decreased to 359 miles, previously 396 miles.
  • Model S Plaid with 21″ wheels: Adjusted to 320 miles from 348 miles.
  • Model Y Long Range: Now 310 miles, down from 330 miles.
  • Model Y Performance: Reduced to 285 miles from 303 miles.

Canada Changes (as per January 3, 2024, Natural Resources Canada website, thanks @JocPelletier):

  • 2024 Model X AWD: 539 km (335 miles).
  • 2024 Model X Plaid with 20″ Wheels: 525 km (326 miles).
  • 2024 Model X Plaid with 22″ Wheels: 483 km (300 miles).
  • 2024 Model Y Long Range AWD: 499 km (310 miles).

These range adjustments in both the US and Canada reflect the impact of new testing protocols on electric vehicle performance metrics, according to EPA testing and Natural Resources Canada disclosure requirements.

On Thursday night, Tesla also introduced Stealth Grey and Ultra Red colors for the Model Y in Canada and the USA. The company continues to makes tweaks and changes to keep demand and customers interested in its class-leading EVs.