Tesla Model S Plaid vs 200mph F1 Drone: Drag Race

model s vs drone

Who would win if a Tesla Model S Plaid takes on the world’s fastest camera drone in a drag race?

Well, YouTube channel carwow and host Mat Watson answered the call of what we were asking for (not really but it makes for a fun video). The camera drone, specially engineered by Red Bull to keep pace with Formula 1 cars, takes on a Model S Plaid on the drag strip, albeit in wet conditions.

The Model S Plaid has 1,020 horsepower and weighs 2.2 tonnes (4,400 lbs). Meanwhile, the Dutch Drone Gods’ creation, comes in at just 1kg (2.2 lbs) and has 5 horsepower. I think we already know who’s going to win this one.

The race saw the Model S struggling for traction on the wet drag strip. The drone, piloted by Ralph from the Dutch Drone Gods, had no such issues, being airborne of course. After several attempts to optimize the Model S’ launch, Watson managed to narrowly defeat the drone. Or did he?

When Ralph decided to unleash the full speed of the drone, it crushed the Tesla. The drone’s power-to-weight ratio, an astonishing 5,000 horsepower per ton, easily crushed the Tesla’s 500 horsepower per ton.

Well, just how does the drone fare against a 2012 Formula 1 car, the RB8, driven by David Coulthard? The video shows just that. As expected, the F1 car was no match for the drone in a straight-line race.

The drone can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2 seconds and can hold a 1-second increase for every additional 100 km/h. Its top speed during the race was clocked at around 354 km/h (220 mph).

Check out the full video below:

YouTube video