Model S

Tesla Model S Sets New Record in EV Winter Range Test [VIDEO]

Norway publication Motor held the world’s biggest electric vehicle range test in the winter, and Tesla’s Model S set a new record. The newly-minted @Tesla_Europe Twitter account shared the achievement today, linking to the test. Model S sets new record in the world’s biggest EV range test in Norway ❄️ → — Tesla Europe […]

Tesla Model S/X Sold Out in Europe for Q1 2023

Tesla’s Model S and Model X electric vehicles (EVs) are sold out in Europe for the entirety of the first quarter of 2023, with estimated delivery dates for new orders being pushed to April-June from January-March (via @Tslachan).  $TSLA• Model S/X Europe's estimated delivery date has been changed from April to June. (Previously from January […]

Pwn2Own 2023: Tesla Up for Grabs for Hackers

Tesla has returned to the Pwn2Own hacking contest and is offering a $600,000 USD cash reward to anyone who can write an exploit capable of bypassing multiple systems in its electric vehicles (EVs) and achieving an arbitrary code execution — reports SecurityWeek. In addition to the cash prize, any hacker who succeeds will also get […]

Tesla Says Price Cuts Made Possible by ‘Normalizing’ Inflation

Tesla on Friday explained that its recent price cuts, which drove down the stickers on its electric vehicles (EVs) by up to a whopping $21,000 USD in the U.S., were made possible by the “normalization of cost inflation” — reports Reuters. According to the company, the price drops are making its top-selling EVs more accessible […]

Tesla Updating Order Agreements to Reflect Latest Price Drops

Image via Reddit (credit: unknown) Tesla made drastic price cuts across its entire vehicle line up on Thursday evening, and now the company is informing those with existing Order Agreements their cars will be updated with the latest pricing, informing customers in the U.S., Canada and Europe where these price drops took place. According to […]