Tesla Quadruples Yoke Price for Model S and Model X

tesla yoke steering wheel

In a recent pricing adjustment, Tesla has increased the cost of its yoke steering wheel for the Model S and Model X from $250 USD to $1,000 USD, a four-fold increase (via @SawyerMerritt).

This comes after a notable decision on April 20, 2023, when amidst a price hike for both the Model S and X, Tesla began offering the traditional round steering wheel as the default option at no extra charge.

yoke price increase

The yoke, a uniquely designed steering wheel, first gained public attention in June 2021. It made its debut on the Model S and Model X refresh during the official customer release of Tesla’s Model S Plaid. This release event took place at the company’s renowned factory in Fremont, California.

In March of this year, Tesla offered a regular steering wheel retrofit, before the latter became standard again over the yoke. This retrofit was priced at $700 USD when it was first announced. It’s now clear that many customers likely prefer the regular steering wheel and the yoke is becoming less of a priority but now a more expensive paid upgrade.