Tesla Increases Price of Model S/X, Gives Free Supercharging for 3 Years

tesla model s/x price increase

Tesla continues to tweak its pricing in the United States, this time increasing the price of the Model S and Model X, as noted by @Tslachan.

Check out the price increases below for Model S:

  • Model S AWD: $87,490 (was $84,990; +$2,500)
  • Plaid: $107,490 (was $104,990; +$2,500)

Here are the price increase for Model X:

  • Model X: $97,490 (was $94,990; +$2,500)
  • Plaid: $107,490 (was $104,990; +$2,500)

Back on April 6, Tesla had decreased the prices of Model S and Model X. But now they’re going back up.

Also changing in price are steering controls. The regular round steering wheel now is included free and by default. If you want a yoke steering wheel, it’s an extra $250 USD.

steering wheel yoke

But there’s also a perk right now if you take delivery of a Model S or X between April 20 and June 30, 2023. Tesla says these customers can get unlimited Supercharging free for 3 years. “Used vehicles, business orders and vehicles used for commercial purposes are excluded from this promotion,” says Tesla.

Back in March, Tesla dropped the price of the Model S and X by up to $10,000, with Plaid versions of each car reaching price parity. Another price drop in early April also dropped both Model S and X prices lower, but now we’re seeing them go back up. You just never know what Tesla will do with pricing.