Tesla Drops Price of Model S/X by up to $10,000; Plaid S/X Now Costs the Same

model s/x price drop

Tesla on Sunday evening dropped the price of its Model S and Model X in the United States, shaving prices by up to $10,000 USD.

Here are the price changes below…as you can see, Model S saw $5,000 off both the Long Range and Plaid, while Model X sees a $10,000 cut on its Long Range and Plaid (via @Tslachan):

Model S

  • Long Range – $89,990 (-$5,000; was $94,990)
  • Plaid – $109,990 (-$5,000; was $114,990)

 Image: Aldrich Bautista

Model X

  • Long Range – $99,990 (-$10,000; was $109,990)
  • Plaid – $109,990 (-$10,000; was $119,990)

Image: Aldrich Bautista

In Canada, we’re seeing the Model S prices remain the same, but Model X Long Range drops $7,000 CAD to $135,990 CAD and Model X Plaid drops to $149,990 CAD, a $7,000 price decrease.

We have now reached price parity for Plaid Model S and Plaid Model X in the U.S. and Canada. That’s pretty cool to see.

Tesla’s last price drop for the Model S and Model X was back on January 13, when we saw up to $21,000 price cuts across these vehicles and Model 3 and Model Y.

Now, prices have dropped even further and will put pressure on the used market. It also puts pressure on luxury EV automakers such as as Lucid Motors, making the latter’s Air sedan look even more expensive.

Elon Musk’s automaker recently has been cutting the prices of existing demo vehicles across the line up. The company continues to tweak its manufacturing prowess, as it described at its Investor Day.