You Can Now Buy a Tesla Model S/X Steering Wheel Retrofit [VIDEO]

Photo: Tesla

Tesla is offering its Model S and X steering wheel retrofit kit for $700 on its online shop, and now buyers can scan a QR code to purchase the kit directly from the company’s app.

With this retrofit, users can switch from a steering yoke to the traditional steering wheel. Originally, Model S and Model X refresh versions came with a yoke as standard. Now, Tesla offers new buyers a choice between the yoke or regular steering wheel.

The steering wheel kit includes a heated steering wheel and the company’s vegan leather, in addition to removing the need for the shifting stalk.

In the product description, the company also points out that the purchase price of the steering wheel kit includes the cost of installation at a Tesla service center.

Here’s a closer look at the round steering wheel from Tesla in the video below from OCDetailing:

YouTube video

The news comes just a week after reports surfaced that Tesla has updated the glass roof on the Model S and X, instead adding a glass roof that weighs less and improves the car’s overall handling. Additionally, newer Model S and X units now come with improved brake pads and the company’s upgraded navigation computer HW4.

Recent updates to the Model S and X also removed the rear emblems, and switched back to offering steering wheels instead of the yoke option.

The automaker also debuted a new ultra red paint color on the Model S and X in recent weeks.