Tesla Updates Glass Roof for Model S and Model X, Innovating Once Again

model s/x glass roof

Tesla today announced some updates for the Model S and Model X, such as a new Ultra Red paint color that looks beautiful.

The company also shared some updates on Twitter related to the glass roof on Model S and Model X as well.

“Glass roof now weighs less & lets in 5x more light with same level of UV protection. This also improves handling as it helps low center of gravity,” said Tesla on Twitter.

Letting in more light but also retaining the same UV protection, but also making glass weigh less? Now that sounds like classic Tesla engineering hard at work, continuing its goal to always improve.

As for Plaid Model S and Model X, both now “come with improved brake pads with higher thermal capacity = better overall braking performance.” The company announced changes to these brakes back in January.

Tesla also reiterated a round steering wheel is now an option. Back in January, Tesla debuted a $700 round steering wheel retrofit, while adding a regular steering wheel option on its website.