Tesla Launches Model S/X Round Steering Wheel Retrofit for $700; Available for New Orders

round steering wheel retrofit model s/x

Tesla has launched a Model S and Model X Steering Wheel Retrofit, available for $700 USD.

The automaker says the retrofit is available in March 2023. Some owners don’t necessarily like the yoke steering wheel.

“Travel in luxury. Enjoy the warmth of a heated wheel and the touch of premium vegan leather in a traditional form factor. No stalks or shifters,” says Tesla’s description.

This retrofit according to Tesla is only available for existing Model S and Model X vehicles with a Yoke Steering Wheel. The $700 USD price includes installation by Tesla.

Tesla also updated its website to bring a regular Steering Wheel for new Model S and Model X orders. As you can see in our screenshot below, there are now two options under ‘Steering Control’, with the default being the regular round steering wheel:

model s/x round steering wheel

Earlier tonight, Tesla lowered pricing across the board in China for Model 3 and Model Y, along with its new Model S and Model X.