Tesla Model S/X Builds Spotted with New Autopilot Cameras, No Rear Emblems, Steering Wheels [PICS]

We’re not sure how The Kilowatts do it but they always seem to be in the right place at the right time, and now they have come across the latest Model S and Model X builds from Tesla’s Fremont Factory, that contains new upgrades.

The most interesting discovery by The Kilowatts was new Autopilot cameras on these Model S and Model X vehicles without ultrasonic sensors. It’s rumoured that these cars may contain the next version of Tesla’s Autopilot hardware, rumoured to be version 4.0 which was previously leaked by @greentheonly.

Check out the pictures below—we’ve cropped the image taken by The Kilowatts and put them beside older pictures of Model X cameras, from a vehicle that previously included ultrasonic sensors.

The new side repeater cameras are showing a wider viewing angle, as they point more to the side instead of the rear:

new cameras model s/x

When it comes to the front Autopilot cameras, we see a different layout compared to before as well:

model s/x front camera new

For the side pillar cameras, the new Model S/X clearly has an upgraded lens and housing:

model s/x side cameras new

As for the rear camera, it’s also evident that the new camera is larger as well and has a bigger housing too:

model s/x rear camera new

The Kilowatts also shared some of the best images of the new Model S and Model X rear design that no longer has a “T” emblem. 

Here’s the Model S without a rear emblem, while the letters “TESLA” are in chrome:

Model s no emblem

Here’s the same rear of the Model X without rear emblem as well and new chrome letters for “TESLA”:

Model x no emblem

Both of these new Model S and Model X production builds also had plain old regular steering wheels inside. Tesla recently offered this to customers along with a retrofit for those that do not want the more modern yoke:

The Kilowatts also poured cold water on a recent rumor shared by @Teslascope that claimed to show a camera in the headlight housing unit that was said to be part of Hardware 4.0:

As for the Model S Plaid, they now apparently have caliper covers over old calipers in the rear, but just painted red instead, as per @BLKMDL3:


If that wasn’t enough for one day, The Kilowatts also saw the Frito Lay Tesla Semi on the highway as well. Talk about luck!