Tesla Updates Model S and Model X by Removing the Rear Emblems

Model s logo new

As part of Tesla’s recent update for the Model S and Model X by introducing a regular steering wheel (and retrofit option), the company also changed the rear design of the car when it comes to emblems.

The Tesla emblem seen on all of its vehicles appears to be on the way out, as it’s no longer available on new Model S and Model X orders. Tesla’s website shows the “T” emblem is gone, instead now showing the word “TESLA” spelled out on the rear trunk (some Tesla fans have long done this modification themselves). You can see the Model S changes in our screenshot above.

Here’s what it looks like on the Model X:

Model x logo new

As of writing, Tesla still has rear emblems for its Model 3 and Model Y. However, we may see Tesla eventually phase out these rear emblems on all of their vehicles, for the sake of consistency across the vehicle line up.

There’s still a front Tesla emblem on the Model S and Model X.

Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck does not have any Tesla emblems on the front or rear. This latest change to Model S and Model X may be a sign of things to come, it seems.

Other changes to Model S and Model X Plaid versions recently? New red-painted brake calipers that can handle more heat than before.

Do you miss seeing the Tesla emblem on the rear of the Model S and Model X? If anything, we would have thought chrome delete for the emblems would have been more fitting.