Tesla Says Buy a New Car, Keep Your Free Unlimited Supercharging

Tesla has updated its Supercharging incentives for current legacy Model S and Model X owners, now allowing the transfer of free, unlimited Supercharging benefits to new purchases or leases of Model S, X, or Y vehicles.

To be eligible, customers must order and take delivery of the new vehicle by the end of the year, with no trade-in required. This update comes after Tesla’s previous April 2023 announcement offering only six years of free Supercharging for select Model S and X owners.

The April offer aimed to encourage legacy owners with the rare perk of unlimited free Supercharging to trade in their vehicles. Eligible owners had until June 30, 2023, to trade in their current vehicle or remove the unlimited Supercharging feature and take delivery of a new Model S or X to enjoy six years of unlimited Supercharging.

Interestingly, the Model 3 is not eligible for this new offer. This could be a sign Tesla might be introducing the new Model 3 refresh in North America soon, as it’s currently only available in Europe and Asia from Giga Shanghai.

But now Tesla is allowing the transfer of the free unlimited Supercharging perk when a new Model S, X or Y is purchased. This offer looks to push owners to buy new vehicles for Tesla’s current fourth quarter push.