Tesla Hacker Reveals Features Coming to Model 3/Y, Model S/X, Cybertruck

Model 3 sport

Model 3 Sport

On October 25 and 26, Tesla hacker @greentheonly disclosed new findings about upcoming features in Tesla vehicles, including the new Model 3, Model S, and Model X. The information suggests that Tesla is making several updates to its vehicle lineup.

The refreshed Model 3 is expected to come in two versions: Base and Sport. The Sport version will feature front seats with bolstered side support and headrests. We previously saw the Model 3 parts manual reference a new rear badge that hinted at a ‘Ludicrous’ version of the car.

Additionally, the refreshed Model 3 will have a different rear bench seat design, including a middle seat with a headrest.

Model 3 base

Model 3 Base

The Model 3 will also incorporate different manual door emergency release mechanisms for both the front door and rear doors. Check out the images below, as they look like the same release style currently in the Model Y:

Model 3 front latch

Here’s the rear door emergency latch:

Model 3 rear emergency latch

For the Model S and Model X, Tesla is introducing RGB ambient and interior lighting. This would mean ambient lighting will be available across the entire Tesla vehicle lineup. The new Model 3 has ambient lighting, as does the latest Model Y refresh in China. Cybertruck prototypes also are sporting ambient lighting as well.

The hacker also jokingly hinted at the existence of “Xray goggles,” accompanied by an image of the Cybertruck with a shot showing the battery pack and motors, with the vehicle’s exoskeleton appearing invisible:

Cybertruck x ray

Later today, October 26, additional information was revealed by green. Tesla is planning to offer two RGB lighting packages: one for interior lighting and another for the instrument panel, combined with regular premium lighting. These options will be available in the Model 3, Model Y, and Cybertruck.

The hacker also indicated the possibility of adjustable suspension features in the refreshed Model 3, at least for some variants. In China, Tesla also plans to install a Wanji toll collection module in the car.

According to @greentheonly, Tesla has become more cautious about its release process. Features appearing in the firmware are likely already being installed in production vehicles.

Tesla right now is delivering its new Model 3 in Europe, with many customers in Germany, France and more showcasing their new vehicle deliveries on X.