Tesla Now Considered Investment-Grade by Moody’s with ‘Baa3’ Rating

Tesla has been upgraded to blue-chip status by Moody’s Investors Service, which gave the company a “Baa3” long-term issuer rating on Monday (via Yahoo Finance). Blue chip status is given to companies that are valuable and well-established, indicating that the consultancy thinks Tesla is now investment-grade. Baa3 is the lowest rung on the Moody’s investment-grade […]

How Tesla’s Drag Strip Mode Works [VIDEO]

Tesla has aired a new video on its YouTube video to explain how Drag Strip Mode works on a Model S Plaid. Chris from Tesla Performance Engineering shared some key insights into how this feature works, which transforms the way Tesla Model S Plaid owners experience acceleration and speed on the drag strip. Drag Strip […]

Legacy Automakers Face Pressure to Cut Costs Like Tesla: Analysts

Tesla and CEO Elon Musk’s plans to cut costs by 50 percent on its next-generation platform bring to light new questions for legacy automakers looking to catch up in the emerging electric vehicle (EV) sector. Namely, experts expect Tesla to gain access to thousands in cost advantages over its rivals, all while competitors attempt to […]

Tesla Shift Away from Rare Earths to Spur Magnet Race: Report

Tesla is hoping to do away with rare earths needed to make batteries for electric vehicles (EVs), even after removing some from past battery configurations. The shift will point to automakers needing more and more magnets, which Bloomberg says will shift the narrative to a magnet race in the coming years. The Tesla Model 3 […]

First Private Tesla Model S Plaid at Nürburgring Raceway [VIDEO]

German racecar driver Sebastian Vittel shared footage of him driving his own personal Tesla Model S Plaid out to the Nüburgring racetrack on Sunday, marking the first private Model S Plaid to hit the track, according to the video. Vittel pointed out that conditions on the track were far from ideal, with some dirt and […]

Tesla Autopilot Cleared in Fatal Newport Beach Crash

Authorities have concluded that Tesla’s Autopilot was not engaged during the tragic crash on May 12 involving a Tesla Model S Plaid, which killed three people and injured three others, reports the L.A. Times. The incident occurred on Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach, California, when the vehicle collided with construction equipment at high speed. […]

First Tesla Model S Plaid Arrives in Chinese Showroom

The first Tesla Model S Plaid has finally landed in China, arriving at one of the company’s showrooms in Shanghai, China, according to a tweet from @JayinShanghai. “It’s time to witness the ultimate driving experience that this beast has to offer. So, gear up and head over to the showroom to get a glimpse of […]

Tesla Owners Will Soon be Able to ‘Charge on Excess Solar’ from Powerwalls

Tesla will soon let owners of its electric vehicles (EVs) charge their cars using excess solar energy from a Powerwall, allowing them to “drive on sunshine,” as the company puts it. The information comes from Long Zheng (@longzheng), who pointed out code string changes shared by @Tesla_App_iOS for the as-yet-unreleased feature in the latest version […]