Tesla Cybertruck Pet Liner Now Available for Purchase

Cybertruck pet liner jpg

Tesla has introduced a new accessory for Cybertruck owners, aimed at enhancing the travel experience for pets.

Priced at $145 USD, the Cybertruck Pet Liner is now available for Cybertruck. Tesla has similar Pet Liners for its other vehicles and now it’s available for its electric truck (via @TeslaShopBot).

The Pet Liner is designed to ensure pets travel in comfort and style, featuring a breathable quilted fleece material. Tailored specifically for the second row of the Cybertruck, the pet liner set includes a durable, water-resistant hammock-style liner and two door protectors.

This three-piece set is engineered to protect the vehicle’s interior from paws, dirt, pet hair, and accidental slobber, ensuring a cleaner and more enjoyable ride for both pets and their owners.

To access and purchase the Cybertruck Pet Liner, Tesla vehicle owners can sign into their account here to buy it.