Tesla CyberHammer Referral Award: Only 800 Available


Tesla has offered up a super rare award as part of its referral program: CyberHammer.

For those earning credits by getting friends and family to buy Tesla vehicles and products through their referral link, Tesla has added the CyberHammer to its referral awards in the U.S.

Tesla said on Wednesday, “Earned. Not given. CyberHammer now available as referral award. Will be released in small quantities at a time until all 800 are claimed.”

Cyberhammer 2

The CyberHammer features the design of Cybertruck, while there’s also the signature of Tesla’s lead designer on the side, Franz von Holzhausen, written as just “Franz”. We saw Franz swing a sledge hammer against the Cybertruck at its delivery event.

If you have 35,000 credits to spend, get your CyberHammer while it’s still available. It looks to be an ultra-rare Tesla accessory and a must-have for any Cybertruck fan.

Tesla also recently changed its referral rewards to add the benefit of 1 year of free Premium Connectivity when friends buy through your referral link, to go with 3 months of free Full Self-Driving capability.