Tesla Cybertruck Charging Hits 330kW at Electrify America

cybertruck charging

Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Studios, recently conducted a charging test on Tesla’s Cybertruck to get the fastest charging rate possible.

The Cybertruck can achieve charging speeds up to 330kW when connected to Electrify America chargers, starting from a 5% state of charge, as shown on a video from yesterday. Remarkably, this high rate of charging was accomplished without preconditioning (heating) the battery, which is typically done to optimize charging efficiency. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Tesla vehicle charge this fast.

Normally when you set a Supercharger as your destination, the car will automatically preheat the battery for the fastest charging possible. But this doesn’t happen when you navigate to a third-party charging network (you can “pretend” to be heading to a nearby Supercharger to force preconditioning).

During the test, Conner saw a charging current of up to 430A after activating the Cybertruck’s Service Mode (it lets you see specs and stats not made available for regular customers).

He pointed out that the current Supercharger network, which predominantly consists of V3 Superchargers with a maximum charging rate of 250kW, cannot support the high voltage required for optimal Cybertruck charging and the latter’s 123kW pack. He also said the charge curve was “terrible”.

Tesla needs to accelerate the deployment of its next-gen V4 Superchargers, which are expected to support higher charging rates necessary for the Cybertruck. Currently, the use of an adapter not rated for 1,000 volts is required to achieve these higher charging speeds at non-Tesla charging stations says Conner, who disclosed he was only doing this as a test to see what speeds he could hit while at Electrify America.

Check out his video below: