Tesla Hits 1000 Cybertruck 4680 Cells Production Weekly

Giga texas 4680 cell

Tesla has hit a production milestone at its Giga Texas factory. On Wednesday morning, the company said it produced over 1,000 Cybertrucks’ worth of 4680 battery cells at the factory last week.

The company then shared a photo with two Cybertrucks and the Giga Texas staff surrounding the vehicles, with a cool graphic on the ground showcasing the milestone.

Senior VP of Powertrain and Energy at Tesla, Drew Baglino, said in response, “congratulations to the Giga Texas cell team!”.

Batteries are typically the limiting factor to vehicle production, according to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. This 4680 battery cell production milestone means Cybertruck production can continue to ramp up.

At this battery cell production rate, that means we can possibly see Tesla ramp up to 52,000 Cybertrucks per week. Let’s continue to see how Cybertruck production ramps up. Deliveries have yet to expand outside the U.S. to Canada, but that might happen soon.