Tesla Opens First V4 Superchargers in the U.S.

V4 supercharger usa

Tesla has announced the opening of its first V4 Superchargers in Sparks, Nevada.

While maintaining the same 250 kW output as the V3 Superchargers, the new V4 version features longer cables, measuring nearly 9.5 feet compared to the 6.5 feet cables of the V3 model. The V4 Superchargers were initially introduced in Europe. They also come with a new pedestal design.

“We opened our first V4 Supercharger location in Harderwijk, the Netherlands in March 2023 and we will open more V4 sites in the second half of this year. All V4 Superchargers are equipped with a longer cable, providing easy access for all EVs. V4 currently supports peak rates of up to 250kW per vehicle and is future-proofed to allow for updates and new features,” says Tesla.

This marks a significant upgrade in the company’s charging infrastructure, offering more convenience to Tesla vehicle owners. The longer cables will also accommodate non-Tesla EVs if Magic Docks are available.