Tesla Fixes Rare Cybertruck Charging Issue from 0%, Boosts Speed

tonneau cover cybertruck

Tesla has announced a solution to the Cybertruck’s rare slow charging problem when the battery level drops to 0%, alongside a promise for upcoming improvements that will significantly enhance charging speed.

The move comes after Branden Flasch highlighted a series of charging challenges faced by Cybertruck users at Tesla Supercharger stations, including reaching site power limits, overheating charge cables, and difficulties initiating charging immediately after parking, based on a video released by Out of Spec Motoring, showing electric trucks racing “ocean to ocean”, a four-hour long video that’s part two:

YouTube video

In response, Drew Baglino, Senior Vice President of Powertrain and Energy at Tesla, addressed these concerns on X. Baglino revealed that Tesla had identified a “corner case bug” that restricted charging stations to a 100A maximum when recharging Cybertrucks from a very low state of charge (SOC).

He noted that this issue was particularly identified due to Kyle Conner’s knack for arriving at charging stations with a completely depleted battery at 0%.

Baglino confirmed that the bug has been resolved and that a pilot deployment is currently underway, with a full rollout expected by next week.

Additionally, he announced that Cybertruck owners can look forward to an over-the-air (OTA) update later this quarter. This update is set to introduce improvements to the vehicle’s charging curve, enabling the Cybertruck to recover up to 154 miles of range in just 15 minutes.

It’s always great to see Tesla executives replying directly to customers, sharing first-hand what’s coming when it comes to features and bug updates. The Tesla team works quickly and it’s great they are observing what the community is saying all the time.