Here’s the Tesla App Showing Media Controls, Navigation ETA and More in 2022.36.1

Photo: @MateenOmair

Tesla’s software update 2022.36.1 began rolling out this week, and some drivers are starting to report their own experiences with the new features. For Model S and Model X refresh owners, they get Caraoke with rear seat display support as just some of the new added features in this update.

Tesla owner @Mateen Omair shared screenshots and a few specific updates to app navigation, cabin overheat protection, Supercharger availability and more.

Another user noted that the update looked cool and suggested Omair try navigating somewhere to see if the new interface showed the ETA on the Tesla mobile app.

Omair managed to get it working, with the app showing media player controls with song name, plus navigation details. The new Navigation tab shows your destination, distance away and estimated time of arrival. Tapping on the tab shows a map of your Tesla’s current location, the location you’re going to and the ETA, plus car battery percentage. You can also see the Tesla Superchargers on the map as well.

Another screenshot shows new Cabin Overheat Protection customization options, allowing owners to pick from 30C, 35C or 40C. When interior cabins hit these temperatures, the car will start cooling itself down when parked.

We also see the new glovebox USB support for select games such as Sonic the Hedgehog. “Requires Game Controller. Plug in glovebox USB” says the new message on the game screen.

Also new in 2022.36.1 are Supercharger busy times by the hour and a new Energy app that shows consumption based on categories. The update also supports multiple route options when starting navigation as well.

The 2022.36.1 software update also includes details on how full individual Supercharger locations are when browsing where to charge. Additionally, and crucially, it also fixed a high-pitched buzzing for some Model S and X units.