Tesla Walk-Away Door Lock, Autopilot Not Working in 2022.36.6 for Some Owners

Tesla’s latest 2022.36.6 software update appears to be causing bugs for some owners, resulting in features such as walk-away door lock, Autopilot and Cruise Control not working as intended for Model 3 and Model Y owners.

Numerous threads on Reddit detail how Autopilot won’t activate and Cruise Control showing “unavailable”, when single-tapping and double-tapping the right stalk.

The errors result in Tesla sending owners to a “learn more” page in the company’s manual, which states a door ajar may be causing the issue.

According to the Tesla North fleet, we experienced Autopilot and Cruise Control failing halfway into our drive to a destination, on our Model Y running 2022.36.6.

How did we manage to fix the bug? We did a hard reboot of the car (press and hold down both steering wheel buttons until the screen goes dark) and after that, Autopilot and Cruise Control was able to engage normally.

Some noted a hard reboot did not fix the issue. One other possible solution is to walk away from the car and put it into a deep sleep; unplugging the USB thumb drive in the glove box; opening and closing all doors, frunk and trunk.

According to Tesla, the company will be releasing a software update “soon” to fix this Autopilot and walk-away door lock issue, noted one owner after reaching out to service over their issue.

In the meantime, owners will need to remain vigilant in locking their own doors and also…driving on their own without Autopilot on long commutes #firstworldproblems.

Have you had any walk-away door lock and Autopilot issues in 2022.36.6?