Tesla Removes Theater Mode Status Bar Controls, Tweaks Charging/Battery Icons and More in 2022.28

Tesla recently started updating its electric vehicles (EVs) to software version 2022.28 — the 2022.28.1 update started rolling out last week, while version 2022.28.2 was released earlier this week.

2022.28 comes with the new Alternate Routes feature, Theater Mode improvements, and a few new games, among other things. It apparently also adds additional information to Service Mode (via @Teslascope).

Service Mode is a debugging utility designed to help service personnel diagnose problems on a Tesla EV. Even though the code to access Service Mode is just “service,” the feature is geo-locked and can’t be triggered unless the car is physically at a service center.

Tesla owners typically can’t even get into Service Mode, so it’s obvious why Tesla didn’t put the changes in its consumer-facing release notes for 2022.28.

In software version 2022.28, Service Mode offers a lot more information about your Tesla. This includes the status of the vehicle’s GPS systems, infotainment ECU, Autopilot ECU, and radar.

Tesla also redesigned the Service Mode interface earlier this year to show more detailed information.

According to another tweet from @TeslaUpdateInfo, the update also brings some other minor changes. For example, when Theater Mode is minimized, the climate, volume, and brightness controls have now been removed and replaced with a “Swipe down to dismiss” bar (the bar looks like it’s borrowed from Apple’s iOS).

These shortcut controls are no longer needed since you can now minimize the video player in Theater Mode in 2022.28 to access main vehicle controls, without needing to exit your streaming video app of choice. It makes sense and gets users more familiar with the changes, specifically the ability to swipe the Theater Mode video player down.

Tesla has also redesigned the battery and charging status icons. When charging, a green lightning bolt shows beside the battery percentage and the battery icon is green.

Expect 2022.28 to keep rolling out to more vehicles. We’ll keep you updated when it hits the Telsa North fleet.