Tesla Debuts New Icon to Possibly Show Regen Blended Braking

Blended brake icon

Image credit: Tesla Girl (@somi_teslagirl)

Tesla looks to have introduced a new status bar icon with its 2022.40.1 software update, for users in Canada.

According to an image shared by Tesla Girl (@somi_teslagirl) on Wednesday evening, she asks followers what the new icon shown above represents. We see a bolt outlined with dots and lines and a larger green segment that looks like a brake rotor.

Replies to Tesla Girl (she’s based in Vancouver, BC, Canada) suggest this may be the new Regenerative Braking improvements seen in 2022.40.1 for Canada. Update: Many have let us know it’s also being seen in the United States.

The release notes from Not a Tesla App explain, “Your vehicle can now automatically apply regular brakes for consistent deceleration when regenerative braking is limited due to battery temperature or state of charge. To enable, tap Controls > Pedals & Steering > Apply Brakes When Regenerative Braking Is Limited.” The feature indicates it’s only for Canada for Model S/X and Model 3/Y.

Other 2022.40.1 release notes shared in the United States do not indicate the regenerative braking feature. With winter looming in Canada, this regenerative blended braking icon will let owners know that regular brakes will also be applied automatically when stopping, when batteries have yet to be warmed up yet to accept full regen braking boosts.

This blended regen braking feature was first seen in Tesla’s 2022.16.0.2 software update back in May.

Tesla has yet to update its manuals to show off this icon, so we’re awaiting confirmation that it represents blended regenerative braking. But for now, it seems very likely this is the case. Let us know if you’re seeing this new icon in your Tesla or not!

Update: Many Tesla owners in the United States are also seeing this icon.