Tesla to Revamp Energy App in 2022.36, Showing Breakdown of Usage

Energy app v2

Tesla appears to be releasing a revamped Energy tab, that shows a breakdown of electricity usage.

A leaked image was shared by @Teslascope, claiming to be from an upcoming 2022.36 software update. The screenshot is from an internal build of the company’s software.

“A leak from an internal build on the 2022.36 software branch showcases a newly redesigned Energy tab, now providing a detailed breakdown of energy usage across various subsystems such as climate, acceleration, and more,” said @Teslascope.

The image shows an energy graph, but down below we see categories of energy use, such as driving, climate, battery conditioning, elevation and everything else, in another image shared by Not a Tesla App.

The Energy app shows percentage of battery consumed, shows a ‘last projection’ of battery percentage, while also shows a section for ‘Range Tips’.

Examples of Range Tips based on driving habits provided by Tesla can include the following, as per the latest @Teslascope tweet:

  • Staying below 110 km/h would have saved you 0.1% since you last charged
  • Going uphill cost 1.5% since you last charged
  • Going downhill saved 1.3% since you last charged

“The Energy app provides a visual representation of your vehicle’s real-time and projected energy usage. To use the Energy app, navigate to Application Launcher > Energy,” says Tesla on the existing energy app.

There are two types of charts that the existing Energy app provides: Consumption and Trip. However, the apparently leaked image above shows category breakdowns, similar to how smartphones can provide this granular data.

The more detailed breakdown of battery usage will provide Tesla owners with data on what’s using the most energy, and allow for maximum range when using their vehicles it appears. Can’t wait for this new Energy app to appear, as it will share battery usage stats that we have never seen before.