First Look in Action: Tesla Model S Plaid Refresh Charge Port [VIDEO]

After sharing a video showcasing the new headlights and taillights on his new 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid (the refresh of a refresh?!), @JacobIsAMac has now detailed the new charge port door on his electric sedan. New charge port on refresh Model S Plaid! @klwtts @SawyerMerritt @Teslarati @elonmusk @teslainventory — " Jacob " (@JacobIsAMac) […]

New Tesla Model S/X Plaid Builds to Get Launch Day Badging Again

When Tesla delivered its first Model S refresh Plaid vehicles, these sedans came with special launch day badges on the back, depicting the ‘Plaid’ launch graphics. This badging was only available to the first batch of 25 Model S Plaid deliveries, and cars beyond this event received decals that read “Plaid”. But now, it appears […]

Tesla Model S Plaid 1/4 Mile Record of 8.94 Seconds Doubted [Update]

Update Feb. 8, 2022: According to George Doddworth, the husband of Christine Doddworth below, he is casting heavy doubts on this unofficial speed run. Chalk this up as something that didn’t happen as explained by situation_coyote, whose Instagram has since been deleted. === One Tesla Model S Plaid owner unofficially set a new record for […]

Tesla Model S Plaid Teardown: Here’s the Undercarriage [PICS]

After starting its teardown of Tesla’s Model S Plaid yesterday, automotive engineer Sandy Munro revealed what’s under the front hood. On Friday, Munro shared more images of their teardown, revealing pictures of the undercarriage of the Model S Plaid. Undercarriage of the Plaid. #MunroLive #SandyMunro #TeardownTitan #Tesla #ModelS #Plaid — Munro Live (@live_munro) January […]

Watch: Tesla Model X Plaid Goes 0-60 mph in 2.3 Seconds [VIDEO]

YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins shared their Tesla Model X Plaid review today and the channel was blown away at the performance of the electric automaker’s newest SUV (via @BLKMDL3). What impressed Vehicle Virgins the most was the acceleration and 0-60 mph times of the Model X Plaid with six seats. Tesla’s website states the Model […]

Tesla Increases Model S Plaid Top Speed to 175 mph [VIDEO]

After releasing its 2021.44.30 software update for the Model S Plaid, bringing Track Mode, Tesla has also increased the top speed of the electric sedan as well. A new video from Carmine’s Import Service shows the Model S Plaid hitting 175 mph (283 km/h), then braking (via @JbTeslaman). Previously, the Model S Plaid’s top speed […]