Tesla Model S Plaid Sets EV Lap Record at Virginia International Raceway’s Grand Course

Carmine s import service plaid model s

Update: Click here to watch the full video of this EV record lap in the Model S Plaid.

Carmine’s Import Service was at the Virginia International Raceway Grand Course on Tuesday with its Tesla Model S Plaid, which set a new electric vehicle lap record, while on stock tires.

According to Carmine’s Import Service, they exclusively told Tesla North their Model S Plaid running showroom 300 treadwear tires set the new EV lap record with a time of 2:50:67. This beats the former record held by the 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S of 2:55:18, set at last year’s Car and Driver Lightning Lap.

“I have video we haven’t posted yet,” said Carmine’s Import Service, saying, “we beat the Taycan Turbo record by a lot. And only 3/10ths slower than the track focused and limited production [BMW] M5 CS that runs on 80 treadwear track tires.”

The very limited BMW M5 CS costs $142,995 USD. The Model S Plaid costs $140,490 USD.

The Model S Plaid had factory stock 21-inch Arachnids with street Michelin 4S 300 treadwear tires, said Carmine’s Import Service, noting the lap time of 2:50:67 was set on the Virginia International Raceway Grand Course Car and Driver Lightning Lap. The Grand Course stands 4.10 miles (6.76 km) in length.

Virginia international raceway grand course

Carmine’s Import Service also shared a picture of their stock tires after the Model S Plaid was done shredding the course—look at those sidewalls:

Model s plaid tires

Earlier this month, Carmine’s Import Service and their Model S Plaid set the EV lap record at the Virginia International Raceway’s North Course, with a time of 1:39:5. The company also holds the EV lap record for the VIR full course, and with the latest Grand course record, that means three records held by this Model S Plaid.

The Model S Plaid was driven by Johan Schwartz, who has never driven an electric vehicle before, let alone a Tesla on the track, says Carmine’s Import Service. They also told Tesla North Car and Driver was “surprised” the Model S set the record on factory tires.