Hands-On: Tesla Model S Plaid with New Matrix LED Headlights, Tail Lights and More [VIDEO]

Image credit: The Kilowatts

The Kilowatts have shared a quick first look at a Tesla Model S Plaid with new matrix LED headlights (as seen by the bulb in the corner), new rear tail lights, new charge port door, a revised rear trunk bar and also the original launch day Plaid badging.

The Model S Plaid was spotted in Fremont, California, outside Tesla’s factory. Check out the video below:

Tesla recently revised its U.S. manufacturing lines to include the new matrix LED headlights (which we’ve seen before in Taiwan), new rear taillights, new chargeport, plus add in the original Plaid badging from the compan’s launch event.

The Kilowatts also shared a photo comparing the new refresh Model S headlights and tail lights versus the legacy design:

The American automaker also announced this week it has now switched to Tesla Vision, its camera-based Autopilot for Model S and Model X, finally ditching radar completely.