Tesla Halts U.S. Factory Lines for Model S Light Upgrades: Report

Tesla has reportedly shut down its U.S. factory lines for a “refresh changeover”, related to its Model S sedan.

According to a post made on the Tesla Model S Plaid & Long Range group on Facebook, a member named Stephen R. said on Sunday, “official, Tesla model S factory lines in the US stopped for refresh changeover. If you have not been assigned a VIN for the long range, all future VIN assigned from this point forward will have new matrix headlights and rear end.”

“Literally being delivered within days and weeks. General manager of Cherry Hill New Jersey has been told directly by Tesla and has been advised to communicate to customers,” claimed Stephen.

“That is why all the February dates have been pushed out now to end of March. They will start doing plans shortly thereafter, but there is still inventory of Plaid apparently. If you order a new Plaid it is very likely you will get matched to an existing car,” said Stephen.

Tesla insider @SawyerMerritt corroborated the report, chiming in later, “I can confirm this info is true. S lines were shut down today for upgrades. Matrix LED headlights and updated taillights will be on all new Model S built going forward. The lights are a big upgrade from previous ones and allow a lot of adaptability.”

Recently, we’ve seen Tesla Model S refresh sedans with new rear taillights, with revised LEDs, seen on the company’s website and also spotted in the wild.

Back in January, we saw Tesla’s Model S refresh sporting a headlight upgrade with matrix LEDs in Taiwan, as distinguished by the bulb in the lower corner of the front headlamp. These matrix LED bulbs are found on Tesla’s Model 3 vehicles and Model Y (Performance), leveraging Samsung technology.

For Model S owners seeing delays in their delivery dates from February to March, it appears the wait may be worth it for these new headlight and taillight upgrades.