First Look: Tesla Model S New Rear Tail Lights Spotted in the Wild [PICS]



Model s refresh rear lights

Tesla’s website recently shared a somewhat fuzzy image of what looked like its new revised tail lights for its Model S electric sedan.

Now, we’re seeing for the first time these revised tail lights in real light, spotted in the streets of California, as shared in images by ‘thewishmaster’ on the TMC forums (via @EndlessPlaid).

The new rear tail lights on the red Model S refresh below now have a thinner red brake light outline, that no longer goes around the entire perimeter housing. We also see on the rear bar on the back is no longer black, but matches the vehicle’s body color.

Model s refresh rear lights 2

We don’t get a view of the new charge port (in Taiwan, it’s a CCS2 port like the Model X refresh), but this is the first time we’ve seen the latest Model S refresh being tested in the streets, sporting manufacturer plates.

What do you think of this new minor design update for the tail lights on the Model S refresh?

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