Here is Tesla’s CCS2 Charge Port on a Model X in Taiwan [PIC]



After seeing Tesla’s new Model S with matrix LED headlights and revised taillight, we now have our very first look at the CCS2 charge port on a Model X refresh in Taiwan. We should see the CCS2 port on the Model S refresh, soon.

DDCAR shared some images on Facebook tonight (via @EndlessPlaid) and one of them is the new CCS2 charge port on the Model X.

Simply put, Combined Charging System (CCS) is a standard for charging electric cars, leveraging two different Combo 1 and Combo 2 connectors to support up to 350 kW charging rates.

CCS1 is primarily in North America, while CCS2 is for Europe and Taiwan.

Earlier this summer, it was reported Tesla was said to be switching to the CCS2 charging port in Taiwan, as shared by Michael Hsu, the founder of the Tesla Owners Taiwan club. Now, it appears this is indeed the case.

The new charging door opens up at an angle, looking like one of the Falcon Wing doors on the Model X. As you can see, gone is the LED ring, and instead we have a lit-up Tesla logo as seen on a Model 3 and Model Y.

Ccs2 port tesla taiwan

Here’s a picture of how the Model X refresh charge port looks on a North American version of the car with a proprietary Tesla charge port:

CleanShot 2022 01 10 at 21 14 12

We’re still waiting to see the CCS2 connector on the Model S refresh, and that should be unveiled later tonight when Tesla officially announces these updates in Taiwan. You can watch a live stream by visiting the Tesla Owners Taiwan Facebok page, with the event set to start on January 11 at 1:30am PT/4:30am ET.

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